Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own Product Principles (Part 1)

Does my organisation need product principles?

The benefits

What makes a good product principle?

ProductPlan’s Anatomy of Product Principles
  1. Make them specific. You need to quickly determine if the decision is in line with the principle. Generic principles don’t help. For example “release early and often” is more actionable than ‘’release good software’’.
  2. Make them relevant. As changes inevitably arise in the organisation you’ll need to revise the existing principles. In saying that, changes should be well-considered and not a regular occurrence.
  3. Make them emotional. Product principles should get people excited and make them feel passionate about the work they do everyday.
  4. Make them concise. Keeping product principles short and sweet using simple words will increase the likelihood people remember them. 3–5 principles is more than enough.
  5. Let them help you prioritise. Let’s face it we need all the help we can get to prioritise well. Principles describing the most important behaviours for your context will inevitably help you prioritise the most important things higher.

Tell me how?!



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